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Greetings from Team Buckworm!

We are entrepreneurs and professionals from many disciplines. We created Buckworm with one purpose in mind: to link the inherent human desire to help others with the consumer’s desire to save money and a business’ desire to profitably grow while serving their community.

Buckworm provides schools, non-profits and merchants with new and incremental revenue streams which empower their goals, while providing money saving benefits to consumers—supporters of schools & nonprofits. Simply put, Buckworm is powering the new Giving Economy.

We will continue to invest our time and money so we can deliver —Never-Any Cost—solutions which fuel local economies and serve the greater good. We are excited about how we can help serve the interests of so many worthy causes. Our 2018 launch has validated that our excitement is shared by many schools, non-profits, consumers and businesses.

We invite you to “Get Buckworm’d” today, and join our rapidly growing community!


Matt Walsh