Fundraiser Get Started Guide

Follow the below simple steps to get started!

To create your account, complete the Quick Sign Up form.

1. Sign Up 

After verifying your account, you'll be able to login.

2. Login

In order to receive donations or funds from items or event tickets you want to sell, tap your user name and open the Bank Information page to enter your bank account and routing number.

3. Set up to receive donations

Upload Contacts in bulk or enter individual contacts.

4. Upload your Contacts

Easily send our pre-made invite email or your own email to your contacts. They will download the app and automatically support you!

5. Invite Contacts


-Your supporters will see your logo as their app logo and view your logo inside the app.

-From your Admin Portal or your mobile device you can communicate with your supporters through app notifications, conference call, voice broadcast, text, email, chat and video broadcast.

-When your supporters visit the app’s Shop-Save-Give feature they save money at local restaurants and local and online merchants. When your supporters save money Buckworm automatically funds you!


We'll be happy to help you!