What is Buckworm?

Buckworm is a platform for the “Giving Economy”. We seamlessly connect Schools, Nonprofits, Consumers and Merchants and deliver unprecedented benefits to all.


  • Instantly have their own mobile app and area able to receive funding when their supporters save money at local stores, restaurants and online shopping.
  • Instantly connect with on-the-go supporters through easy to use Buckworm Connect technologies. Mobile accessible Live Stream and Recorded Video, Voice Broadcast, and App Notifications to name a few!
  • Instantly have e-commerce and digital payment capabilities.
  • Instantly have access to their own Fundraising and Supporter Management Portal.
    • No IT resources needed--Buckworm manages everything.
    • No cost or resources needed means ANY size school or nonprofit can benefit!

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Schools & Nonprofits

Schools and nonprofits automatically receive funding, significantly enhance their existing fundraising efforts and effortlessly grow their supporter base.



Supporters of Schools/Nonprofits

Consumers easily access great buys and discounts. Discounts are accessed seamlessly through mobile devices. Cash back rebates are applied directly to existing credit/debit cards!—When purchases are made, Buckworm automatically funds the consumers favorite school/nonprofit!




Local and online stores and restaurants can target advertising to local consumers or to millions who come within 25 miles of their location.


Grow Your Supporter Base!

Integrated social media and leading edge video and voice broadcast communication technology engages and expands your supporter base. We even give you your own web portal where you can easily maintain your contacts, send messages, manage your events and even cut and paste links to your website pages so your supporters can access right from your app.

Effortlessly Increase Funding!

Higher supporter engagement increases your existing fundraiser event receipts. Our discount and funding technology saves your supporters money and automatically funds you!

Engage Businesses!

If you like our free technology— no cost model, you’ll love our merchant supporter acquisition solutions! We start with providing free access and advertising solutions to your existing business relationships. We then source additional businesses which provide your supporters discounts and you funding!

No Cost! No Effort!

Don’t have available budget or resources? GREAT! Whether it’s our no cost technology or sourcing businesses to provide your supporters discounts and you funding, Buckworm manages everything!  

Free for Fundraisers.
Free for Consumers!

Save $ With In-App Offers!

Easily access the app's Shop-Save-Give feature and view local and online money saving offers. No Coupon cutting! 100% digital!

Save Money With Card Link!

Buckworm’s Card link technology allows anyone with a debit/credit card to receive discounts and have your savings applied directly to your card! Your card issuer (Visa, MC, & Amex) accepts your discount and applies the dollar amount directly to your card! This is card issuer approved and secure! Find local or online offers right on your Buckworm mobile app! Of course when you save money Buckworm automatically funds your cause!

Automatically Fund Causes!

When you save money Buckworm automatically funds your cause! Increase the support to your favorite school or nonprofit without donating a penny! Just save money at your favorite online or local store or restaurant. You receive 100% of the savings and Buckworm funds your cause!

Cool Ways To Connect!

Super cool ways to connect with your friends and family! One tap voice or video broadcasting as well as chat, text and more all in one place!



Stop Paying to Advertise!

Don't spend a penny to advertise! With our Card Link offer advertising Buckworm sends customers to you. If they don't make a purchase you don't pay a penny!

Support Causes By Making $!

Tired of all the knocks on your door asking for donations for this cause or that cause? With Buckworm you get to advertise for free, and when any of our thousands of local consumers make an in-store purchase, your sales increase and Buckworm funds your customer’s favorite cause!

Reach Millions of Consumers

Your ad will appear in our app and in the apps and websites of our many national network partners like Yahoo and Yelp, and various rewards programs for Bank of America, Hilton, American Airlines, and more! Ad’s are geo synced so if any of the millions of eyeballs are near your location, they see your ad!

Video and Voice Ad's- FREE!

Definitely check out your ability to send instant video or voice broadcast offers! One tap and you can connect local consumers with time sensitive offers. Increase business during slow times or advertise special events!

Who Loves Buckworm?

Check out what our fantastic users say!

Buckworm has literally changed everything! We are a PTA with a very limited budget and when Buckworm told us we can have our own mobile app at NO COST we couldn't believe it! It took us just a few minutes to sign up and get our app! While we use the app to communicate with our busy, on the go parents, perhaps the best feature is that the app provides an easy way for our parents to save money...and when they do Buckworm automatically funds us! We are also excited about Buckworm's card linked technology! They can significantly increase the funding we receive from the restaurants that support us and allow our parents another way to save money. Buckworm maintains the app so we just reap the benefits!

I love that you can simply download the Buckworm mobile app and in 60 seconds it becomes your favorite school or nonprofit, local sports teams, scouts any cause I choose or get invited to mobile app! I use the Connect area of the app to stay in touch with my friends and family and the latest happenings at the school I support. The Shop-Save-Give feature and Buckworm's card link technology allows me to easily save money and fund my school. With other features like Events and Alerts the app provides even more unique and valuable functions! What can I say, Buckworm is awesome!

I can advertise for free! Buckworm does all the work! I only pay a small % of each Buckworm's referred customer purchases. No referred purchases no charge! I can even set a monthly budget! They even have great technology where we can send out instant, time sensitive offers with video, text or voice broadcast!

We're just getting started!
2017- 18

We are integrating Buckworm into Google Home and Amazon Echo! Soon you'll be able to access your Cause and discounts by saying "Hey Buckworm!" 

Also, check back frequently as we continue to onboard discount offers at the best restaurants and stores near you and online!